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Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kader Khan watchout there is a new Khan in town, Sadatullah Khan. An energetic man from Bangalore, a man on mission to change the world one heart at a time.

The course takes you through a mixed masala of emotions. You feel like you are watching a Bollywood Blockbuster drama and a Indian cricket match while attending an muslim wedding because the chow is so good.

It took Elizabeth Gilbert 1 year travelling thousands of miles, Eating in Italy, Praying in India, Loving in Bali to find tranquility. In this course not only do you eat, pray and love, within 3 days you find inner peace and contentment. This course is for all human kind. All races, colours and creeds attend this course.

He uses techniques he learnt throughout his life, trying to make sense of it all after many failures and during his own struggles after loosing his multi million rupee business. He was also a chain smoker, smoking 30, 40 cigarettes a day. He takes what he learnt and incorporates it from an Islamic perspective. This course is the best gift you can give yourself and anyone you love and care for.

International courses like this cost thousands of dollars. Discover yourself is virtually free of charge. The divine food from curry express for breakfast, lunch and supper only was worth the cost of the course. Khan does this almost for nothing, sacrificing his time with is loved ones to bring love in the world. My advise to you is the next time you hear he is in town RUN..

Sit there for only 10 minutes preferably in the first two days, you will be hooked. If you don’t believe me watch the reviews of people around the world that attended the course on the Discover yourself Youtube channel link and read the comments of others who attended his course on his website-   Discover yourself website  or join the facebook page  Discover yourself page

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Mr A Gani

Cell: 074 2990 786